Don't Put Your Async in My Serverless

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A lot of the constructs of Node and modern JavaScript are about handling the asynchronous nature of web server/browser interactions. In a serverless world, single threaded execution is ideal and asynchronous code is problematic. While the title of the linked article (“Node is the WRONG runtime for serverless”) is sensationalist, as the author admits, the article argues Python is a better fit in a serverless world.

I was planning on implementing a project using AWS CodeStar starting from an Express template and porting an existing Express application. I then evaluated the code based on this article and found that I’m using promises for the database interactions. As the author notes, this shouldn’t be a deal killer, but I do need to be aware that using many of the asynchronous patterns common to Node and JavaScript server applications is unlikely to be beneficial in a serverless architecture and harmful from the perspective of unnecessary code complexity.

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